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Essential oils are potent plant extracts that support daily wellness on all levels- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Transform your healthcare with these elegant natural solutions!


Our Essential Wellness team hosts monthly community classes and webinars and weekly call. We offer higher education and holistic health strategies for personal and professional well-being.


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A gifted practitioner, Jamie is acutely attuned to her client’s needs. With an expert, relaxing touch she is able to create a safe, sacred, and peaceful space for healing. After my massage, Jamie shared simple, accessible stretches and movements that allowed me to continue to soften and open in the days that followed. I would highly recommend a session with Jamie to anyone who is seeking to relax, release tension, or heal the body.

Katie Winters, Spiritual Counselor
As a helper-healer myself, self-nurturing often takes a backseat to my everyday life. Jamie is a powerful presence, reminding me that my needs matter. After each session, I feel both energized and relaxed. Areas of tension are released and my mind feels clearer. She finds the hidden layers of resistance and, without elaborate dialogue, addresses them with ease. Jamie is a gifted healer who truly understands how to deliver a holistic experience. She balances a nurturing healing space with empowering knowledge.

Candice Schutter, Life Coach