Care for Care-Givers

We’ve all heard the familiar airline safety spiel about securing your own mask before assisting others. We’ve also heard the old adage about knowing how to love yourself first before attempting to know how to give love to others, or expect to know how to receive love from others. Both practical and insightful, taking care of yourself first ensures that you come to the aid of others from a place of relative wholeness. A full cup that runs over, giving easily.  I specialize in offering restoration and rejuvenation to all kinds of care-givers!





Who is a care-giver?

  • Professional health care workers- physicians, nurses, social workers, counselors, etc.
  • Stay at home parents
  • In home care-givers to an elderly parent
  • The typical ‘people pleaser’ who can’t say no and wants to fix everyone!

It makes good, common sense then to really nurture our own self care, especially if we are in a role of caring for others. We are able to give love, compassion, and skilled care to others after we have become experts at doing this for ourselves. This ensures that we learn to honor our boundaries and limits, restore our energy when we begin to get depleted and learn to prevent burn out, and discover for ourselves what is truly nourishing to mind, body, and spirit.

Care-givers challenges :

  • Fatigue, exhaustion and burn-out feels ‘normal’
  • Health issues arising from self-neglect [ie. preventable chronic dis-eases]
  • Can’t say ‘no’
  • Feeling creatively lost
  • Being a work-a-holic
  • Being an expert at nurturing others, but not in touch with oneself

Remedies for the stressed care-giver :






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