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After putting out my last post on the benefits of exercise and staying open to exercise being FUN, it occurred to me that I don’t have any personal trainers listed on my resources page.  I have remedied this, and now have the following folks listed there for your fitness support pleasure, including :

• Daniel Iversen, Portland Boot Camp for Women
{See previous post for Daniel’s words of wisdom and philosophy}

• Susanne Wells,  Miss Fit + Gem Studio

My mission is to assist others in being independently healthy. I love that great quote, “nothing is permanent but change” which so embodies life as well as a wellness plan. If i can assist others with becoming more attuned to their bodies needs, I have succeeded as a personal trainer. Become a sensation scientist and you will also become your own personal trainer. It is a beautiful process that I get to witness!

• Candice Schutter, Zumba Instructor and Life Coach

I’m a firm believer in the fun-factor. So, for me (and the students I tend to attract)… fitness is most effective when it is fresh, pleasurable, and fun. For many people, the buzz of wonderfulness they receive post-workout isn’t enough to get them to the gym. Sometimes it’s just not enough to know that you will feel good IF you exercise… therefore, it means everything to know you will feel good WHEN you exercise. Finding an exercise outlet that you enjoy is key to the fun-factor! As for my clients specifically, as it relates to dance fitness, I motivate and encourage via music selection, variety, instructional clarity, emotional contagion, and positive feedback. Move it your way! Sexy is a sensation! You only get one body, flaunt it! It will still work if you SMILE!!!

• Chris Ritter, Ritter Sports Performance

I’ve had the privilege of working with many clients over the years with varying degrees of motivation. On the one end I had a client who was training for Olympic Trials and she wanted me to carry a picture of her main competitor around to every exercise that she did. And when it would get challenging she’d zero her focus on the picture of her competition and fuel her to push harder. On the other end of the spectrum I’ve had a number of clients who were simply being dragged through the fitness routine because they wanted to appease or support their significant other but really had no other desire to make a change.

Now both of these examples are extreme so chances are that you’re somewhere in the middle of that motivation scale. Here are some tips that I’ve found to really help no matter where you’re coming from.

Have a Clear Goal:
Before you jump head first into an exercise or health routine make sure you have a clear goal of what you’re trying to accomplish. If it’s not written down and simple enough to explain to someone in less than 30-seconds it’s not a clear and effective goal. No matter how motivated you are you’ll need to remind yourself why you want to do this. Having that clear goal at the forefront of your mind is a great way to stay on track.

Create Small Successes:
Chances are that your clear, written goal is pretty lofty. Because it’ll probably be a long-term goal you need to make sure you can see all the small steps you’re taking towards your ultimate goal. This is where a professional, like a trainer can really be helpful. I try to help each of my clients break up their goals to smaller, more manageable and often less intimidating tasks. And they often improve so much I have to continually remind them how far they’ve come. Seeing progress only fuels you more and the people I see drop off are those that miss this key ingredient.

Surround Yourself with Support:
The voices in your head can often be the hardest to silence. This is why it’s so important to get a support group of a few close friends and family that are behind the changes you’re trying to make. This doesn’t mean everyone who hears your goal will be as fired up as you are about it – so choose carefully the people who you let into your circle. Whenever you make a big change it’s often the mental side that’s the most challenging. But when you have a bunch of people surrounding you and supporting you it helps to drown out the doubts that are in your head.



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