Essential Oils for Fall

Fall is such a luscious time!  We enter into the darkest months of the year, into the mystery, and begin to retreat inward.  Perhaps this natural tendency towards greater stillness and darkness accounts for the opposition we tend to feel, as expressed in Ayurveda as Vata, the dosha of Autumn.  We can feel flighty, ungrounded, full of ideas with no action or expression, lost in the clouds, etc.  Seasonal transitions can be challenging!

Essential oils from trees and roots can help us reconnect with the nature of this season to assist in feeling connected to the Earth, connected to our bodies, balanced and centered.  Oils with a descending quality of drawing our energy downward are especially helpful.


I recommend using these oils for a fabulous foot massage you can give to yourself or to a friend.  You can apply the oils neat, 3-5 drops per foot, or blend with a carrier oil to increase absorption and stretch your oils. You want to be sure to really rub it in!  This topical application has several benefits :

• The pores on the bottoms of our feet are especially large, allowing rapid absorption of the essential oils into our bloodstream [in 30 seconds!] and to become systemic within about 30 minutes.

• We can knowingly or intuitively address our reflex points on the feet, affecting the whole body.

•  This is a part of the body we can usually reach easily.

•  You can’t do it wrong!

Essential Oils

Cedarwood –  Steam distilled from wood [conifer: cypress], affects the nervous and respiratory systems in a calming way.  Warm and woody scent.

Cypress –  Steam distilled from branches [conifer: cypress],  affects the cardiovascular and musculo-skeletal systems in a relaxing and vasocontricting way.   Promotes feelings of security.  Herbacious, slightly woody and evergreen undertones.

Douglas Fir – Steam distilled from branches and leaves, supports clear breathing, is purifying and cleansing, and can help with mental focus.

Eucalyptus  – Steam distilled from Myrtle shrubs and trees, this oil is uplifting with many cleansing properties and supports the respiratory system and skin.”

Frankincense –  Steam distilled from gum resin, this oil has ubiquitous applications that support the brain, immune system, cellular health, skin, so much more.  Helps improve concentration and is an excellent companion to a meditation practice.

Myrrh – The ‘feminine’ counterpart to Frankincense, this sacred oil is steam distilled from gum resin and is anti-inflammatory, cleansing, and has cellular health promoting properties.”It supports thyroid health, hormonal balance, immune and nervous systems, and the skin.

Patchouli – This sweet and rich smelling oil sometimes gets a bad wrap. Steam distilled from leaves [mint family], I love the Earthiness of this oil.  It has many immune boosting properties, support skin health, and is superbly grounding in nature.

Sandalwood –  Steam distilled from wood, it promotes emotional balance, the musculo-skeletal system, nervous system and the skin. It is calming and harmonizing, and aids in sacred ritual.

Vetiver –  Steam distilled from roots, this Earthy oil is excellent for balance and focus. Affects our emotions, hormone and nervous systems, and skin in a deeply calming and restorative way.

White Fir – Steam distilled from needles is excellent respiratory support, and has expectorant properties as well as analgesic and soothing properties. It can be mentally stimulating while relaxing physically


 Want more support? Attend the Somatic Essentials class and experience these grounding oils through movement and meditation.


Modern Essentials, 5th Edition


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