R E C L A I M I N G pleasure!


















I believe pleasure is the antidote the the cruelites of the world. To the self defeating habits we pursue like perfectionism.

We deny ourselves pleasure. We think there is not gain without pain.  We this it should be hard work or we are lazy.


This is no way to live.

Find your breath, and feel your body being breathed.

Allow sensuality. Notice your senses.

Find an essential oil that brings you joy, and smell it often.

Be intentional about feeling good, and find your way there through whatever discomfort arises.

Embrace all of it.

Sip tea and R E L A X.

Listen to music that soothes you.

Receive a massage and tell yourself it is critical self care, not a “luxury”.  You don’t have to be ‘fixing’ a problem. You can simply enjoy the restorative and revitalizing effects of a ‘feel good’ massage. It’s O K  to  R E C E I V E .








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