Breast Health Awareness Month

Soooooo, I’m not a fan of Breast CANCER awareness month. I’m not the first to note that focusing on the dis-ease is not always helpful, but rather we can learn about what supports breast health, and overall cellular health.  Christiane Northrup writes about this on her website, and notes that the energetics of breast health or imbalance is related to our balance of giving and receiving.

Enhance the health of your breasts by creating a healthy balance between nurturing yourself and others. — C.N.

Check out her article on breast self-care. She recommends a comprehensive multivitamin/mineral supplement, as well as powerful anti-oxidant support.  Contact me for more information about starting a supplement regimen I fully endorse. 

Essential oils that support breast and lymph health include clary sage, geranium, lemongrass, fennel, cypress, and vetiver.

Tomorrow {October 13} is NO BRA DAY.  There have been recent articles talking about bras having no benefit, but studies were limited to young women, so it’s hard to say. Still, I do think it is worth questioning this social norm especially if you are not a fan of le underwire. I ‘invested’ in ‘good’ bras earlier this year, and I f*ing hate them. They are so uncomfortable, I only end up wearing them when I know my husband is going to be removing them quickly 😉

A nod to yesterday {October 11} being National Coming out Day and International Day of Girls.

I have an especially fond place in my heart for the well-being of girls. As a former board member of Betties 360 and contributor to the Healing Hands Foundation who works with Days for Girls, I encourage you to donate to these worthy causes, or find an organization that you can support.

May all queers be happy and free from suffering!

May all young girls be happy and free from suffering!

May  your boobies be happy and free from suffering! 

This blog is dedicated to Caryn A.


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