Soooooo, I'm not a fan of Breast CANCER awareness month. I'm not the first to note that focusing on the dis-ease is not always helpful, but rather we can learn about what supports breast health, and overall cellular health.  Christiane Northrup writes about this on her website, and notes that the energetics of breast health or imbalance is ...


One Less Car

Heard a great show today on KBOO called the Bike Show- you can listen here.  Lots of great resources for cycling at all ages! Learn the rules of the road and be empowered to get out there! Bicycle Transportation Alliance Women on Bikes Program Senior Cyclist Program Community Cycling Center Youth Programs


the food revolution

hey, did you know jamie oliver is a major voice for transforming school lunch programs? check out his program on abc and get involved here.


food + water watch action alerts

If you are concerned about the health of our environment, personal, and collective health, this is a great resource to take guided action to support efforts to protect our valuable resources. FOOD AND WATER WATCH ACTION ALERTS