After putting out my last post on the benefits of exercise and staying open to exercise being FUN, it occurred to me that I don't have any personal trainers listed on my resources page.  I have remedied this, and now have the following folks listed there for your fitness support pleasure, including : • Daniel ...


So, who takes care of me when I'm broken? Well, recently I strained my SI joints, pretty badly. Being pregnant produces a hormone called 'relaxin' {we could all use more of that, don't you think?} which helps loosen ligaments and soft tissue in preparation for birth. It makes over-stretching easier to do, which is exactly what I suspect ...


One Less Car

Heard a great show today on KBOO called the Bike Show- you can listen here.  Lots of great resources for cycling at all ages! Learn the rules of the road and be empowered to get out there! Bicycle Transportation Alliance Women on Bikes Program Senior Cyclist Program Community Cycling Center Youth Programs


sauna + massage special

RHA and R3 @ Anisha on Hawthorne have joined forces to bring you a lower cost way to receive the benefits of massage and infrared sauna therapy!               For just $80 you can buy an hour sauna and an hour massage. This offer is good Friday evenings ...


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