Exercise Encouragement

When a client reports that they have trouble getting enough exercise, I often look for the  ‘should’. They may think they ‘should’ be doing a certain kind of exercise, in a certain place, a certain number of times/week, etc.  Their attitude about exercise is akin to work, and they're not even really interested in their chosen method. Instead, ...


We've all heard the familiar airline safety spiel about securing your own mask before assisting others. We've also heard the old adage about knowing how to love yourself first before attempting to know how to give love to others, or expect to know how to receive love from others. Both ...


Exercise is, as it turns out, incredibly powerful medicine!  Need help motivating to move? Come in for a somatic coaching session, or a holistic health coaching session to discover and be supported in making your movement of choice a regular part of your life.


Re-Membering and Becoming Whole!

Coming back to a self care practice can bring up a lot of emotions.   After a hiatus, for whatever reasons, it is really important to bring self love and compassion to your experience. Often, after my clients have been too busy, distracted, or have slipped back into 'people pleasing' [care-giving for others, but not themselves] they find themselves saying 'how ...


Pain Management Tools

Pain is debilitating. It keeps us from doing what we want to do, and what we need to do for ourselves. One client, in rehabilitation from knee replacement, avoids much needed daily stretching because it is so uncomfortable and painful.  After stategizing that she could do some more active stretching after her daily dog-walk, when she is warmed up already, ...


One Less Car

Heard a great show today on KBOO called the Bike Show- you can listen here.  Lots of great resources for cycling at all ages! Learn the rules of the road and be empowered to get out there! Bicycle Transportation Alliance Women on Bikes Program Senior Cyclist Program Community Cycling Center Youth Programs


Drop in Movement for Women @ Somaphile, Thursdays Sacred Circle Ecstatic Dance, Sundays SomaSpace Now, go shake a leg! ;)