Essential Oils

Using Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils as part of your wellness regimen is a comprehensive and accessible way to address modern health challenges, support and nourish the body, mind, and spirit, detoxify, and restore vitality!

Essential oils and herbal folk medicine have been used long before modern approaches to heal and support the body. Their historical use is well documented, and now, emerging science is validating traditional knowledge and experiential use. This is an exciting time to learn how to use these potent plant extracts!  Essential oils are cheaper, safer, and more effective than modern remedies, and every householder can use them as their first line of defense for common health issues.

Healthcare practitioners across the spectrum, from holistic to western medicine, are recognizing the enormous benefits of essential oils as a complementary form of health-care.

How I can support you

If you are ready to learn about the benefits of essential oils, the first step is to attend a class or schedule a one on one consultation.  Essential oils take some time to integrate into your life, and education is a crucial component of doing that successfully.

Receive free ongoing education and holistic health coaching with your wholesale account.

I specialize in working with health care providers, holistic health practitioners, and parents.  I  love working with individuals struggling with  health challenges and supporting their healing journey.


Membership Overview  + Wellness Consultation(60 minutes)

Learn how to get the most out of your wholesale account, and receive a personalized three month protocol.

Business Overview (60 Minutes)

Whether you want to earn enough to pay for your oils monthly, earn supplemental income, or build solid residual income, it is all possible.

Essential Wellness Consultation (60 minutes)

Discuss your individual health concerns and health goals, and receive personalized product recommendations and lifestyle support.   $100  (Free when you open your wholesale essential oil account)

AromaTouch™ (60 minutes)

A clinical application of eight essential oils on the back and the feet. This is a deeply restorative treatment that supports your immune and nervous systems primarily, supporting the body in finding homeostasis and balance.  $ 25-85 sliding scale  Learn more

Business Mentoring (30 minutes)

When you commit to sharing the power of essential oils with others, and keep your account set to 100PV, you will be plugged into our training system and receive personal, weekly mentoring.  Appointments are available by phone, skype, or in person.  Included with your Wellness Advocate account.

Customer Support (15 minutes)

As my doTERRA customer, I want to make sure your questions are answered.  Book an appointment to receive personal support. Included with your WA or Wholesale account.

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Disclaimer – I am not a physician, not do I treat or prescribe. Essential oils are not a ‘magic bullet’.   All of the information on this website is for educational purposes only. Use your common sense when beginning any new form of self/health-care. Consult with your doctor when necessary.  Live well, and prosper!