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 I became passionate about natural health in my teens, becoming vegetarian and an environmental activist.  My mom brought me tea tree oil and eucalyptus from a health food store, and I began using them aromatically and topically,  not only to help heal my problem skin, but helping elevate my mood. It was the first of many steps towards a more positive lifestyle. Thanks, mom 🙂

I continued using essential oils in my massage practice, which began in 1999, noting their benefits for relieving muscular tension and for helping my clients feel calm and centered.  I studied Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Western Herbalism to deepen my understanding of natural health and healing. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2002 I delved even more deeply into nutrition and holistic health.

In 2009 I started my own massage oil business, Quintessence Oils, with five ‘elemental’ blends. I was passionate about blending oils and their healing benefits, but I was also in over my head with all it took to develop, produce,and sell the product.

After having my son in 2012, I realized that my oil apothecary was not the stay at home mom biz I was hoping for. The carrier oils had a shelf life I couldn’t keep up with.  Around that time I was introduced to these oils, but did not realize their purity and potency immediately. It wasn’t until they were reintroduced in 2014 as a business opportunity that I said YES! With my knowledge and experience with essential oils, I felt confident that they would be a perfect fit for me.

I have always enjoyed being an entrepreneur and business owner, but I knew I could only do massage for so long, and only earn so much.   With this opportunity, I have gained education, community, friendship, empowerment, and so much more.  I am growing into a leadership role, and supporting others in doing the same.  I see it as a lifelong endeavor of growth, both personally and professionally.

I invite you to check out these introductory videos, and see if this feels like a YES for you. The password to view is ‘success’.

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Are you ready for a new career or residual stream of income?

•  You naturally want to help and support others

•  You are drawn to natural health and want to feel empowered to manage your healthcare

•  You are eager to learn, grow, and receive mentoring

•  You are seeking a path to financial freedom and greater abundance

•  You want your work to have greater meaning and purpose

•  You want connection to community and support

•  You’re self-motivated, focused, goal and service-oriented

•  You would like the flexibility of a home based business

•  You value courage, expansion, and leadership skills

•  You recognize that our healthcare system is not working and want to be part of the rise of the ‘wellness’ industry

•  You have outgrown your current profession, or dislike your job.

If you answered “YES”, then please join us!


•  We are inspiring individuals who care about the empowerment
& healing of individuals, families, communities and our planet.

•  We are here for you, we strive to create a positive culture of purpose and connection!

•  We are passionate about supporting you with your success and are generous with our support.

•  We share our methods of building a thriving and abundant businesses with ongoing education and mentor-ship.

•  It is our goal for you to quickly become confident and successful, and we strive to ensure we are all living a positive, healthy life we LOVE along the way.

“We are healing the planet one drop, one person, one community at a time.”

– Emily Wright



•  Connection to a team that is passionate, positive and fun who loves to celebrate and support you and your success.

•  A custom-designed automated business training delivered to your inbox that will teach you the step-by-step process of how to build a thriving  business

•  Access to our exclusive Facebook support page for product, business and leadership

•  Live weekly training calls on both product and business (our calls are also recorded)

•  Live monthly product educational webinars  (also recorded)

•  Team incentives

•  Personal development coaching and leadership training

•  Leadership retreats


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Join us in building a life of prosperity & joy that you’ll love!