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Welcome to your 30 day cleanse!  I know you will find great results with these products and this plan, and the support of myself and our group.  This cleanse is easy, effective, and powerful.  If you’d like a preview, watch this webinar: Cleanse & Renew [password = success]. If you want to skip the course and go straight to ordering product, visit my dōTERRA website and click ‘join and save’ then select the ‘cleanse and restore’ enrollment kit.

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Cleansing is a bit of a misnomer. Our bodies naturally cleanse and restore everyday, but sometimes those processes are inhibited by stress on the bodies systems caused by a number of factors such as environmental pollutants, which are ubiquitous. Other main factors include chronic stress, chronic low grad infection and inflammation, and lifestyle choices that strain our system such as alcohol, tobacco, and processed foods.

A program to help support the systems of the body that ‘eliminate’ is recommended by health professionals on a quarterly or annual basis. When the organs of elimination are supported, the body more easily comes into balance.  There are a lot of symptoms that might bring you to consider a cleanse, such as frequent sugar craving and other candida overgrowth symptoms, digestive upset or dysfunction,  skin eruptions, or even auto immune conditions.

Combining the highly effective  protocol for cleansing and restoring your gut,  with traditional, seasonal dietary recommendations, this month long program includes the following :

•  Complete instructions on how to best use your  products to support the best possible cleanse outcome

• Seasonal dietary recommendations for a successful cleanse in any season

• Lifestyle recommendations that support detoxification

• Daily ‘essential wellness’ guidelines

• Membership to our private FB support group

• Weekly emails to coach you through your cleanse

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