Purchasing Options

Reclaim Daily Wellness

When you invest in  essential oils  through me, you can feel safe knowing that I supply the most pure and potent therapeutic grade oils available on the market today. You are supporting me as a small business, while supporting our growers from around the world and all we do to help improve their quality of life through our unique co-impact sourcing initiatives. I like to think of this as “Thinking globally, acting locally” in action!  I invite you to check out dōTERRA for information on the company, our sourcing, humanitarian aid work,  or shop here.

There are three purchasing options:

1.  Retail

Shop online and have your oils ship directly to you. A great option if you just want to try one or two oils or products.

2.  Standard Wholesale

Save 25% off the retail pricing when you open your own wholesale account.  Just like Costco, there is a membership fee {$35}. This fee is waived if you choose an enrollment kit, which offers additional cost savings on the product as well. Your wholesale account also includes personal and community support, includes a wellness consultation and membership overview.

3.  Loyalty Rewards Program

This is the most intelligent way to buy!  When you open a wholesale account, you can opt in to our monthly auto-ship program, saving you up to 55% off the retail pricing and offers you deeper discounts on many products.

Other benefits include:

•   Earn up to 30% in points redeemable for free product
•   Have your shipping costs reimbursed in product points
•   The option to get your oils for free, earn supplemental income, or even replace your current job
•  Receive the free product of the month when your order is above 125 pv
•  Receive ongoing personal support

•  Free Modern Essentials reference book with qualifying enrollment

•  Be connected with  free continuing education and private Facebook support groups.

Schedule your initial consultation to receive support with opening your account or request more information.