Holistic Health Coaching

Well-being is your Birthright


Health Coaching is a co-creative process  where you identify your health challenges and create solutions with the support of a coach trained in dietary theories and lifestyle choices based on bio-individuality.  It is a path of self discovery in which you are fully supported to make healthy, positive changes at your own pace in a graceful way.  When faced with a health challenge, you feel it in all areas of your life. By looking deeply at each area of your life that either nourishes you or depletes you, you begin to work through resistance and find solutions, from within.

Our challenges can be externally driven, such as toxicity in the environment, or internally driven, such as poor dietary choices.  As you engage in the process of witnessing, you will reclaim choice and power over your own experience.

What are your health goals? Are you struggling with being overweight,  blood sugar imbalances, hormonal imbalance, or fatigue? Do you know that what you are doing isn’t working, but you feel stuck and unsure about how to make changes? Are you ready to…

• Improve your eating habits and food choices
• Understand your body better, how to listen to it’s messages and respond mindfully
• Make your self-care a priority with regular activities that nourish and revitalize
• Feel confident in choosing and preparing better food for you and your loved ones
• Experience an increase in overall happiness in all areas of your life

Your personalized program will radically improve your health and happiness. Together, we’ll explore  your specific concerns and I’ll help you discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance.

During the course of your program you will:

•  Set and accomplish short and long term goals
•  Learn about new foods, recipes, and dietary systems based on bio-individuality
•  Increase your energy, vitality, and clarity
•  Improve personal relationships, career life, spiritual practices, and other areas of your life that matter to you
•  Receive compassionate support and become empowered to make healthy lifestyle changes

Choose from the following session options ::

BodyMind Bliss : AromaTouch Session + 90 minute health coaching session. Book separately, use within one month. $175

90 Minute Consulting Session : Identify one or two current issues that need the most attention, and by the end of the session you’ll have specific and personal recommendations to get you back on track with a plan o’ action! $150

One month program : Over two hour long sessions, with email or phone support in between, you’ll make significant progress getting clear on what changes will support you most in the short term. I’ll support you in finding ways to integrate changes with grace and ease! $ 275/mo

Three month program : Experience consistent, twice monthly support, that allows for deeper exploration of multiple issues, nutritional and lifestyle related.  You will begin to make make more meaningful choices that move you even closer to a sustainable way of life that supports your optimal health. $ 250/mo {$500}

Six month program : Chances are you didn’t get into the state of health you are currently trying to overcome overnight. Likewise, change takes time.  And let’s face it, change is not always easy. You’ll face self doubt, ornery belief systems, and other challenges along the path.  This program  allows for experimentation, mistakes, and a more gradual and  thorough plan for true and lasting transformation of your own design.   $ 225/mo {$1350}

Cleanse & Restore Companion Coaching :  If you are enrolled in my Cleanse & Restore e-course, receive 30% off any of the above services.

Begin with a complimentary 45 minute health history consultation to discuss your health goals and see if health coaching is right for you.  Submit the appropriate form below ::

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