I really appreciate Jamie for everything she does for me as a person, as a nutritionist, massage therapist and a friend. I am a lucky women to have found her spirit and was lucky enough to bring it into my life. Thank you Jamie for being my accountabilibuddy and all the other things you are.”

Kerri Olsen, Grassroots Accounting, LLC

I hired Jamie to help my husband reclaim his den, which had become so overrun with stuff that it wasn’t used.  She spent the whole day with him, helping him sort through his things and make his room a place of peace and solitude.  It has stayed neat and organized for the past six weeks!!  That has never happened in the 12 years he and I have known each other!  He has so much more respect and appreciation for his space since he met Jamie!”

Claire Shrout

I wanted to thank you for taking the time during your recent vacation to “lay your hands” on my lower back and hips.  You are with out question the best massuse that I have ever had work on me.  Your presence in the moment and the subtleties when manipulating my muscles are with out equal.  I know my verbage sounds over the top, however, my back pain has been ever present until you took the time to specifically address my areas of concern.  You are an amazing massage therapist – I just wish you were here in Orange County, Ca….”

Thank you,
Simon Stone,  JD
Senior Vice President
Recovery Homes of America, Inc.

Jamie’s wisdom and knowledge of the body always makes me feel safe in her hands.  She just seems to know exactly how to work each part of my body with the perfect combination of effort and grace. I wish Jamie was closer and could be my personal massage therapist! In the mean time, I will just have to recommend her thoroughly!”

Sofiah Thom, Movement & Yoga Instructor

As a helper-healer myself, self-nurturing often takes a backseat to my everyday life. Jamie is a powerful presence, reminding me that my needs matter. After each session, I feel both energized and relaxed. Areas of tension are released and my mind feels clearer. She finds the hidden layers of resistance and, without elaborate dialogue, addresses them with ease. Jamie is a gifted healer who truly understands how to deliver a holistic experience. She balances a nurturing healing space with empowering knowledge. Her space is inviting and nurturing, a blend of color and aromas that invigorate the spirit and calm the mind. I leave enveloped by her warmth and openness, and I find her knowledge to be intelligent and empowering. Jamie is a rare blend of grounded power and intuitive knowledge; she must be experienced to be appreciated.”

Candice Schutter, Life Coach

I’m a bit of a massage snob, so I came to Jamie hoping against hope that the hour and a half I spent with her would at least hit my spots. I left feeling truly amazing—almost as if I were able to clone myself and give myself a massage. I felt truly restored—something I hadn’t felt in a long time!”

Al Polito, Spiritual Mentor

A gifted practitioner, Jamie is acutely attuned to her client’s needs.  With an expert, relaxing touch she is able to create a safe, sacred, and peaceful space for healing.  After my massage, Jamie shared simple, accessible stretches and movements that allowed me to continue to soften and open in the days that followed.  I would highly recommend a session with Jamie to anyone who is seeking to relax, release tension, or heal the body.”

Katie Winters, Spiritual Counselor

Since 2007, when I began working with Jamie,  I have been through two major surgeries, both requiring months of physical therapy. Her support through these experiences has helped me to stay motivated, positive, develop direction and purpose, and heal more quickly.  I have become stronger, more self-aware, and empowered! Jamie has been an integral part of my recovery, both physically and emotionally, through these life challenges and as a full time stay-at-home mom.  I would not be where I am today without the two years of weekly somatic coaching sessions and continued, monthly massages!”

Karen O’ Rourke, Stay at Home Mom

I came to see Jamie with chronic pain, muscle spasm, and emotional trauma. The combination of deep tissue work, aromatherapy, and coaching for resources and stretches that could specifically help me, offered me a rare level of pain relief, feeling of safety, and hope. This was the first time I had received integrative work that blended modalities in such a harmonious way. I only wish Jamie were in Houston so I could become a regular!”

Jenn U., RN

Jamie Smith was the right person for me to see when my back went out. Before visiting I was almost immobile and had a hard time picking up objects. She helped me recover quickly and maintain a regular health schedule so that my back has stayed strong and healthy. Jamie was very professional and friendly and I am so very thank-full I found her!”

Greg Pearlman, Graphic Designer

As a chronic migraine sufferer, and am always on the search for good therapeutic massage. When I found Jamie, I was experiencing severe muscle tightness, fatigue, and stess. My body and mind were on overload! Jamie’s skilled touch really helped ease all of it, especially with how she prepared my body for relaxation before delivering the deeper manual work. By allowing me the time and space to calm down, physically, mentally, and emotionally, I was able to find lasting pain relief and a deep sense of calm.”

Eliza Jensen, Montessori Educator

Jamie brings to the massage table calmness and impeccable listening both verbally and non- verbally.  I noticed that she employed a wide spectrum of skills to address my body’s needs for my massages and for the individual movement sessions.  I found great benefit from Jamie’s work in both of these areas, and highly recommend her work for injury recovery and prevention.”

Tamara English, Artist Coach